Protecting Your Dogs from Fleas and Ticks #Vectra3DDog

Ceva Animal Health, makers of Vectra® 3D for Dogs, has sponsored this post, but all opinions and statements are my own.

I love spring and summer activities with our dogs. From long hikes to trips to the beach to overnight hotel getaways, warm weather is synonymous with outdoor dog fun and travel at our house.

Unfortunately, it’s also synonymous with bug season. While we have bugs (including mosquitoes) year around, warm weather brings an uptick (yes, pun intended!) in the flea and tick population here—not to mention mosquitoes, flies, sand flies, mites, and lice.

Living in the country, we take parasite prevention for our dogs really seriously—but we’re also very aware of parasites they may come in contact with when we travel. Years ago, when we first started traveling with Irie and Tiki, we asked our vet about protection for a trip to the beach. She advised us to be sure the dogs were up-to-date on flea preventative because the sand meant an even worse crop of fleas than we see at home.

Flea and tick prevention—and all parasite protection—might not be a conversation you’re used to having with your vet, but the professional advice of your trusted vet is the best first step in protecting your dog. We’re using Vectra® 3D for Dogs (available only from your veterinarian) on Tiki and Barli to protect them from a wide range of parasites:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Mites (excluding mange mites)
  • Lice

Understandably, hotels require dogs to be flea-free, something we all aspire to anyway to keep dogs free of the many problems fleas can cause, everything from flea allergy dermatitis to anemia to Bubonic Plague (yep, there have been cases here in Texas the last few years). As dog owners, we want to leave a hotel property as clean as we found it so, just as we always scoop the poop, we make sure we’re not leaving fleas behind after our stay.

Vectra® 3D is a monthly topical flea and tick control that’s easy to use; it even has a patented applicator with a rounded tip:

This helps to minimize skin abrasions as you apply the parasite control from tail to shoulder blades:

Once applied, quick-drying Vectra® 3D begins reducing flea feeding in just five minutes and kills fleas in six hours. It also kills and repels mosquitoes before they bite and it repels ticks before they can attach to dogs for their blood meal. It also repels and kills biting flies, mites, and sand flies (so important for those beach trips!)

Talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s parasite control at home AND on any trips you’re planning for this summer—then get out and enjoy some dog travel to fetch lifelong memories–not souvenirs in the form of fleas and ticks!

Remember: do NOT use Vectra® 3D on cats. It is for dogs only. 

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