How to Get Dog Urine Out Of Your Carpet

Wondering how to get rid all traces of dog urine? Let’s talk about the steps you can take to get rid of that smell of dog pee–not just odor that you can smell but also that your dog can detect. All you need is warm water, clean towels, a urine eliminator specially formulated for pet urine, and your vacuum. This post is sponsored by OdorKlenz but all opinions are entirely my own.

Let’s talk about pee…

Or, more specifically, let’s talk about Barli and housetraining. If you don’t already know, we adopted Barli, then five months old, back in March. He had been at the shelter for three months after being picked up as a stray; for him, appropriate urination meant finding a dry place in the corner of his kennel.

After such a long shelter stay, I didn’t want to crate train him. Working at home, we’re able to take him out throughout the day for potty breaks (one in the morning, one after each meal, one at bedtime, and every couple of hours in between). So, instead of restricting him to a crate, we used baby gates and corralled Barli in the living room for the first few weeks as he quickly learned that bathroom = outdoors. As his housetraining became more and more dependable, we expanded his territory, adding a room at a time until finally he had the run of the house.

Of course, all that housetraining was not without accidents. When Barli had an accident, we immediately cleaned it up. But was that cleaning, even if it was to the point where WE could no longer see or smell the stain, good enough? Could Barli and our other pets still smell the urine, a smell that would encourage him (and others) to urinate at the same place again in the future?

A dog’s nose contains 300 million olfactory receptors–while we have a scant 6 million in our human noses. What does that mean? To us, that smell of urine may be nothing more than a distant memory but, to a dog, it’s a billboard waving at him from the soiled carpet every time he enters the house.

Blot Up the Dog Pee

If you find the stain while it is still wet, soak up the pee with an old towel or paper towels. First soak up all you can get on your own then get a fresh towel or paper towels, put them on the stain, and add weight over the spot (I used the full bottle of Pet Urine Eliminator but you can also use soup cans, a full water bottle, or anything with some weight–and something that you don’t mind getting soaked in urine on the bottom.)

Vacuum Around the Stain

Vacuum away any debris, from dog fur to everyday dust, around the stain.

Soak the Stain

Soak the stain with clean, warm water then blot up the water with clean, dry towels. This helps to remove the urine as well as any cleaning products that you may have used in the past. Rinse your towels and save them for later. And what if you find a stain that has already dried? (Maybe you see your dog sniffing at a spot then, on closer inspection, you see that it’s dried urine.) You’ll need to reactivate the urine before cleaning it. Use the towels with clean, warm water to soak the stain and return it to a wet start before you begin the cleaning process.

Use OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator

Next you’ll want to remove–not mask–the source of the odor: the pet urine itself. OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator, one product in a line of USA-made odor elimination products, is specially formulated for pet households. Non-toxic and made from safe earth minerals, the eliminator eliminates the odor, and has no masking products that might fool your nose–but would never sneak by your dog’s sensitive nose.

OdorKlenz can be used with extraction equipment (which is the preferred method) or a vacuum. With the extractor, I first extracted water from the pre-cleaned area (see step 3) until it was just slightly damp then I poured OdorKlenz (shake first) on the already soaked and prepared stained area…

…spread it deep into the carpet by using my fingers (you can also use a comb) to get it down into the fibers…

then place a towel over the treated area and apply pressure to soak up extra moisture.

Leave the treated area alone for 15 minutes to let OdorKlenz do its thing then use clean water to wet extract the treated area, adding clean water and repeating this step two or three times until all visible residue is gone.

If you don’t have an extractor, you can also use OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator with your vacuum. After step #3, you’ll pour the OdorKlenz on your pre-cleaned area, spread it into the carpet, saturate the stain with fresh water, then apply pressure over the area by standing on a towel over the stain. Give OdorKlenz its 15 minutes to work its magic, then get those rinsed towels out to soak up extra water, continuing this step several times to sop up all the extra water you can in order to shorten the drying time. You may need to give it 24 hours or longer to dry then, once it is dried, vacuum up the residue.

I’m so happy to report that, once the carpet had dried, the smell of pet urine was GONE. The carpet was clean and looked great. We give OdorKlenz a big paws up for eliminating pet urine from your carpet (and you can even use it as a laundry additive to clean soiled bedding)!

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and several other products in their overall line are useful for pet households as well, including:

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We’re so happy to remove the last traces of Barli’s housetraining accidents from our house before the holiday season begins. I love that those potty accident spots are now just a memory–and not a daily reminder to Barli that any place other than the yard is a potential potty stop!

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