Happy 1st Birthday, Barli!

It’s hard to believe…but today marks one day since we adopted Barli!

A few days before his adoption day, we’d seen this listing online:

I’d called the shelter, located about 90 minutes west of us, to see if he was still up for adoption–and he was! We sent in an adoption application along with vet records by email, and made arrangements with the shelter for Tiki to come along with us and visit this little guy to see if they’d be a good match. Barli–then Baby Bear– been in their care since early December:

We never had the chance to see Barli as a little pup but found several photos on the Hill Country SPCA Facebook page:

Of course, the rest is history! Tiki and Barli got along great (and Barli was also calm when I walked him by the shelter’s office kitty who was hanging out in the lobby).

Our hunch that he’d be great with cats proved accurate; he loves his feline brother and sisters:

Barli has had such a big year with fun trips to the beach…

…lots of swimming…

…and plenty of modeling…

Barli has proven to be such a quick learner, too; after Manners and Canine Good Citizen classes, he’s now enrolled in a pet therapy class as he works toward becoming a nursing home therapy dog. He’s so good on our visits to John’s cousins and aunt at the nursing home, greeting his relatives with just the right amount of energy.

We are all so proud of you, Barli! Happy Gotcha Day!


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