Beefsicle Frozen Dog Treat Recipe

We first ran this recipe back in 2010…but with today’s temperature topping 108 degrees here, I thought it was time to bring this one out of the vaults! Always a favorite of Irie’s, Tiki now needs to introduce Barli to this frozen treat!

Beefsicle Frozen Dog Treat Recipe

This week I had planned to bake some yummy dog treats…and then I saw the forecast:


Yesterday we hit 105 degrees so I guess we’re “cooling down”…but at any rate, the oven will not be turned on this week!

So I decided it was time for another frozen treat! This one involves a few steps but it’s easy to make on the stovetop.


  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 cup peas (I used frozen)
  • 7 cups water (divided)


This makes four (lunchmeat-sized) plastic tubs of frozen treats so if you just have one dog or have small dogs, you might want to halve the recipe. This made two large treats, one for now and one for later, for each of our two large dogs. (Since these are large treats, dinner will be smaller tonight!)

First, put the hamburger meat, peas, and TWO cups of water in the blender or food processor. Mix on low then increase the speed to liquify the mixture. Add one more cup of water and continue to liquify. Allow the mixture to liquify a minute or two, this will spin off much of the fat of the ground beef (you’ll see a white film building up on the inside of the blender).

I’m afraid the resulting mixture isn’t very pretty.


Next, pour the mixture into a 10-quart saucepan. (Do not scrape off the fat that is clinging to the blender; you’ll discard this.)

Add the remaining four cups of water. Cook on high until the water reaches a boil then reduce the heat to medium and allow it to cook at a slow boil for about half an hour. Remove from heat.

After the mixture has cooled for about half an hour (just long enough so you don’t melt your plastic tubs!), pour the mixture into plastic tubs. I used a soup ladle to fill each tub a little more than half full. If you have a small dog, ice cube trays would be a good option, too.

Place tubs in the freezer…and wait.

The result was the most popular of all the frozen dog treats I’ve made the summer (just topping the Brothsicle I made a few weeks ago). Both dogs absolutely loved it!


For a few minutes, they enjoyed a cool break out in the yard. As soon as the treats were finished, it was back to their positions in the living room in front of the air conditioner vents…but they definitely seemed to love their cool Beefsicle break!



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