E3 2018: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Doubles Down on Puzzles and Exploration

zerocarnage56m ago(Edited 52m ago)

I love new reboot Lara she is absolutely ace as a character to get into and as a person going through what she goes through.

I can’t believe though that we are going to see Lara going through an attempted rape scene from what I read in some article http://www.digitalspy.com/g… -The devs said that they believe putting Lara through traumatic scenes like that would make us care even more about Lara, damn rite I want to kill the guy that hurts her or tries. These new Lara games have been bought to life so much by the devs that it’s almost life like on taking her through her journey in a game now.

No wonder why the devs got so many awards for Lara and her new games and they deserve it for the magnificent story telling and game design that they have made.

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