Discussing the Death of Plants, Animals, and Relationships in restaurants

This week on the Eater Upsell podcast, we talk about death! All kinds of things die in restaurants, but we focus on three. First, we talk to chef Will Horowitz about the hundreds of thousands of eels he’s slaughtered over the years and all the mistakes he’s made along the way. Chefs Katrina Zito and Sarah Cooper discuss being on the front lines of relationship death, as they witness at least one breakup per shift at their Brooklyn hotspot St. Anselm. And Eater’s Restaurant Editor Hillary Dixler Canavan finds the downside in the new interior design trend of filling restaurants with plants — they are living creatures that can and hard to maintain.

Do you know of something (or someone) that has died in a restaurant? Please reach out at [email protected] to share all the morbid details.

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