FuzeW Hard Wallet – First Look : Bitcoin

A few days back I got a chance to check out BrilliantTS’s cryptocurrency hardware wallet called FuzeW which is set to release next month. Having previously used Trezor, I was quite interested in this new offering. For those who don’t know, FuzeW and Trezor are hardware devices to store your cryptocurrency in a hack-proof environment.

The product comes in a small black box with a shiny FuzeW engraving on top. On lifting the lid, I was greeted by the FuzeW enclosed in a soft black covering.

Original box (after opening)

Underneath the card, I found a black envelope which carried the recovery sheets, followed by a white slide-in charging cradle. One of the employees informed me that the eCharger text on the cradle will replaced by Fuze. Sounds like a good decision to me.

Charger underneath everything

So the first thing I noticed was how beautifully the card has been designed, and how similar it looked to my credit card, and how very different from other hardware wallets.

Another view of the card

It felt slight heavier than my credit card and quite sturdy in my hand. What I liked most about the design was the premium, rubbery feel, and how easily it can slide into my Ridge Wallet (which is a credit card holder type wallet)

The 1.1 inch e-paper display has 3 buttons on the bottom right hand corner that allow you to select designated currency, split transactions between payment methods, and lock the card for security purposes. The card can be managed via an android/iOS application and additional cards can be added to the account just by taking a picture of them. In case your FuzeW is left behind, the mobile app will alert your smartphone and you could erase all the information on your card just with a click of a button. FuzeW has adopted multiple security layers such as SEIC and EAL-5 certified SE, two factor authentication, and OTP verification.

Another thing I’d like to point out is the IP68 rating against water and dust, which is the same as the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy.

Overall the craftsmanship feels top-notch, and is ideal for those looking for a truly sleek and minimal cold wallet that can easily fit into your wallet, or cardholder. I’m waiting for July to try out all its features and provide you with an in-depth review.

I wasn’t able to buy yet but reserved one. They are only taking reservations for their product ATM. First 1,000 customers get a 50% off, and 100 FXT tokens.

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