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RSVP for #CevaHoliday Twitter Party!

Ceva Animal Health has sponsored this post and the upcoming party, but all opinions are my own. We all know that the holidays, for all its fun, can also be stressful for us and our pets, whether that’s due to traveling with our pets, welcoming guests into our homes, boarding our pets while we travel, […]

Protecting Your Dog Against Heartworms #Vectra3DDog

Ceva Animal Health, makers of Vectra® 3D for Dogs, has sponsored this post, but all opinions and statements are my own. You’ve probably seen the coverage on the national news the past few weeks of the historic flooding that has taken place in central Texas. While we’ve been very lucky at our house, we’ve still […]

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

The Origin of National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day Her name was Reveille, and like her moniker (which translates from French as “wake up”) the legacy of the dog agility competitor who lost her battle with canine lymphoma in 2012 continues to awaken awareness in animal lovers about this common form of canine cancer. Observed each […]

Win A Christmas Dog Pin!

I can’t believe it’s already November–and we’re sliding into the holiday season! Maybe it’s because it was nearly 90 degrees earlier this week, but it has taken me by surprise, for yet again another year. We’re kicking off the holiday season here and on PawZaar with a special giveaway: enter to win a Christmas Dog […]

Actor Jon Bernthal Joins Show Your Soft Side Campaign

He portrayed a zombie slayer in the AMC series The Walking Dead and currently stars as a vigilante battling bad guys in the web series The Punisher. Off-screen, actor Jon Bernthal fights for all dogs’ right to live a life free from abuse–and most recently joined the Show Your Soft Side campaign. A proud pet […]

What Is Deworming? How To Deworm Your Dog?

Who doesn’t like seeing their lovable, adorable creature hopping and wagging their tails joyfully across each corner of the house? As a dog parent it is obvious to love your dog’s energetic nature but on the contracting side, this very habit exposes your dog to various health risking threat, one of them being, parasitic attack. […]

Halloween Safety: Costumes & Your Dog

Are you planning to enjoy some Halloween fun with your dog? Make sure it’s a treat for him by observing these Halloween costume safety tips. Whether that fun means an afternoon of costumed photos, a pet parade, or an evening of trick or treating, it’s important to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable […]

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

When: October 27, 2018 Striving to educate so all can appreciate their true, loving nature, National Pit Bull Awareness Day (NPBAD) has made great strides toward repairing the unfairly tarnished image of dogs who so often find themselves hounded by the public’s misconceptions. Fondly nicknamed “America’s Dog,” the pit bull holds a place of honor […]