Alcohol and heart health – Harvard Health Blog

I’m not a regular drinker, nor a teetotaler. But like many people, I enjoy the occasional glass of wine with dinner, and nothing tastes better than an ice-cold beer on a sweaty summer day. Besides, some alcohol is a toast to my long-term heart health. At least that’s what the science says, right? Not really. When it […]

Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 6 July 2018

Dear everyone You will all be aware of the ongoing incident in Amesbury, Wiltshire, in relation to two people who have fallen ill from contact with nerve agent Novichok. Our thoughts are with the two people affected, those close to them and everyone in Salisbury and surrounding areas who will understandably be concerned by this […]

An update on the London Devolution Memorandum

Last year I wrote about  why I fought hard for London’s devolution deal. Work to strengthen partnerships and to turn the potential opportunities of devolution into tangible improvement in the quality of life of all Londoners is now well underway, and we have seen some positive changes in the capital over the past 6 months.  […]

How to treat a child’s sunburn – Harvard Health Blog

Even when we do our best to prevent sunburn, it sometimes happen. It’s easy to miss a spot when applying sunscreen (especially if you’ve got a squirmy kid). Sometimes we can’t keep up with reapplying when kids are active or in and out of the water. Sometimes we get caught off guard by a really […]

Turning the tide on tobacco: Smoking in England hits a new low

New official statistics published today show smoking prevalence in England has dipped just below 15% for the first time. That makes 6.1 million smokers in England, one million fewer than in 2014. While there rightly seems to be an ever increasing focus on obesity and the nation’s eating habits we can’t forget that smoking remains […]