Why Aren’t Hospitals Treating Cancer With Black Seed Oil?

“Thymoquinone modulates nine of the ten hallmarks of cancer.” There are very many research studies that show great results for black seed oil treatments related to its’ cancer killing and anti-inflammatory properties. What is Cancer?Well, of course, that depends on what type of cancer that we are talking about. In it’s most basic explanation, cancer […]

Autism Hates Black Seed Oil

There isn’t a lot of scientific research available on this subject, after all, you can’t patent Nature, so when big pharma does their research on plants it’s not published generally. When Nature is investigated by pharma, it’s for the purpose of adding chemicals to it for patent. With no compulsion to ever publish any scientific […]

The law of karma

Right now, despite all of our technological and scientific advances, the world is inundated with violence. Wars, murder, theft, terrorism, abortion, child and spousal abuse are rampant. Since 1945, more that 140 wars have been fought and in this country alone, an average of 16,000 people are murdered every year. Despite what we try to […]

Helping transgender women find their voice

Speech pathologist Adrienne Hancock holds a model of the vocal tract (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post) by Amy Ellis Nutt July 30 at 6:00 AM Email the author A soft-spoken, middle-aged woman slides into a chair in a small, bare room at George Washington University’s Speech and Hearing Center, then smiles at the clinician sitting across […]

Alprazolam (Xanax): What are the facts?

Over the past year, there has been increasing media coverage about alprazolam (typically referred to by the brand name Xanax), highlighting what is being seen as a rise in the number of young people using it. Most of the media reports have described individual cases or reports from treatment services, and there has been little […]

Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 27 July 2018

Dear everyone New data from our National Child Measurement Programme published this week show that levels of severe obesity in children aged 10 to 11 years have reached the highest point since records began. The findings also show that health inequalities are continuing to widen and the prevalence of excess weight, obesity, and severe obesity […]

Health Matters: Health Economics -Making the most of your budget

Welcome to the latest edition of PHE’s Health Matters, a resource for local authorities, commissioners and healthcare professionals, which for this edition focuses on Health Economics and making the most of your budget. The current situation: Budget pressures and challenging commissioning decisions Prevention and early intervention are effective means of improving or maintaining health, reducing […]