Back to school anxiety – Harvard Health Blog

Heading back to school sparks an upswing in anxiety for many children. The average child’s school day is packed with potential stressors: separating from parents, meeting academic expectations, managing peer groups, and navigating loud, crowded school hallways and cafeteria, to name just a few of many challenges. That’s why it’s typical for children to experience […]

Meeting Notes Edition – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium

alt: An adventuring doodle peers out from behind some foliage, binoculars in hand. In the background, a second doodle types diligently away at a computer. The adventuring doodle exclaims: “Behold the majestic meeting note taker. Marvel as they capture next steps with ease!” In our newest series, Health Literacy in the Wild, we’re showing how you […]

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS): Who is at risk?

Whether you’re a health professional or a regular traveller to the Middle East you may have heard of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or “MERS”. The risk of contracting the virus remains very low but simple precautions can help visitors stay safe. What is MERS-CoV? Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, usually shortened to MERS or MERS CoV, […]

Safe driving protects your brain – Harvard Health Blog

When it comes to protecting brain health, you may think about exercise, diet, or engaging in activities that challenge you. Yet most of us hop into the car to travel to work, do errands, go on vacations, or drive the kids’ carpool as a matter of habit. But driving is a huge responsibility. One miscalculation […]

Home cooking: Healthy family meals – Harvard Health Blog

Family meals are beneficial for so many reasons. People who prepare meals at home tend to consume significantly more fruits and vegetables, and less sugar and fat. People who enjoy meals at home with others, sitting together and conversing, also have reduced stress and higher life satisfaction. The more frequently families with children have meals […]

Never be afraid to make a change

Since going on the radio in 1981 and taking an active role in promoting good health, I have become appalled by the alarmingly decrepit state of health of the American people. There is a huge difference that exists between the health of the people and the option for lack of disease and vibrancy. Today, for […]

Heat related illness: How to keep your cool – Harvard Health Blog

The summer season is waning but we’re not done with the heat. Hot and humid weather can bring a host of heat-related problems: heat cramps, heat rash, heat exhaustion, heat stroke…. It’s helpful to be aware of these issues, especially as we experience changes in the climate with humidity or rising temperatures. There have been several […]