Overcoming hypocrisy

We live in a society where duplicity, lying, deceit, and not being honest are common. We are inundated with people that say one thing to your face and another behind your back. And, God forbid, if they get found out they make you the enemy. In the past few years, this has happened to me […]

President Trump is being manipulated in Syria

In an interview with Bashir Al Assad following the US-led strikes in Syria, Al Assad pointed out the obvious point which the US and their allies seem unwilling to even examine as a possibility. There was no strategic, military or political benefit for Al Assad to gas his own people, when the Syrian Army had […]

10 Steps to a Healthy Life

Find the time today to take action and heal your body and mind for a healthy life! These are steps that I’ve taken over the years to get where I am. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but I have way more energy now. Twelve years ago I was sitting in Starbucks sipping a frozen coffee drink […]

Does Fear Motivate? – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium

alt: 2 doodles point and laugh at another doodle, who’s making a funny face. A 4th doodle wags their finger and says, “You better quit or your face will stick like that!” Remember when you were young and people would tell you, “Don’t roll your eyes or they’ll get stuck up there!” That, dear readers, is […]

On Immunity – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium

Today, dear readers, we’d like to bring to your attention a fascinating book that investigates vaccines and the fears some people have about them. Part memoir, part historical and cultural study, On Immunity: An Inoculation by Eula Biss documents the author’s decision-making process as she considers whether to get her newborn son vaccinated as recommended. […]

Photovoice – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium

Here at We ❤ Health Literacy Headquarters, we get really excited about innovative research methods (Design the Box! Collaging! OMG see?!). So this week, we’re plugging another technique that falls a bit outside of the norm. Photovoice, created by Caroline Wang and Mary Anne Burris, is a research technique that encourages members of a community […]

Adventures of a Female Medical Detective

When the weather outside is frightful, we like to get cozy with a good public health book. In this edition of the We ❤ Health Literacy Book Club, we’re curling up with Adventures of a Female Medical Detective by Dr. Mary Guinan, a memoir reflecting on her remarkable career in public health. In 1974, Dr. […]

Feedback Edition – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium

Since the dawn of We ❤︎ Health Literacy, our posts have focused on tips and tricks to help health communicators like you better reach your audiences. But what if we told you that you could apply these same health literacy best practices to interactions at your workplace? Let’s use giving feedback as an example. Here […]

Diffusion of Innovations – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium

Imagine you have come up with an awesome new health literacy initiative. You’ve put in the time planning, developing, and testing it. You’re about to educate hundreds — scratch that — thousands. You can see it catching on: health literacy is taking the world by storm. Now, how do you make your vision a reality? That, dear readers, is […]

An Education in Public Health Messaging

Chances are, dear readers, you’ve seen at least a few episodes of Sesame Street over the years. Some people’s earliest lessons in literacy and numeracy come from Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster. Sesame Street is famous for finding fun ways to teach kids the ABCs and the 123s — and even lessons in empathy. So, you […]