Stand Up to Sedentary Behavior and Feel the Difference

As far back as our hunter-gatherer years, the human body was designed to move around throughout the day, cycling through a number of different postures. Now that we’re deep in the digital era, most of us move around way less than we used to. Of course, it’s a good thing that we don’t all have […]

Obesity is complicated — and so is treating it – Harvard Health Blog

Many people don’t think of obesity as a disease, but rather as a moral failing. But Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and researcher and practicing physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center, points out that obesity is a complex, chronic disease. Stanford’s recent fascinating and informative presentation explains […]

A doctor removed her ovaries because they were ‘in the way.’ Her family says it led to her death.

(E+/iStock) The removal of her ovaries never came up during her surgery consultations. Lucinda Methuen-Campbell was considering treatment for a bowel disorder at the Spire Hospital in Bristol, England, in 2016. A surgeon there, Anthony Dixon, had gained international recognition for fixing patients’ bowel problems with vaginal mesh implants. Methuen-Campbell went ahead with the surgery […]

Teething-pain remedy dangers – Harvard Health Blog

Teething can be hard on babies. It can hurt as teeth break through the gums. While some babies weather it fine, others are downright miserable. It’s hard to watch a baby be miserable, so it’s understandable that some parents and caregivers reach for one of the products that contain benzocaine, which can numb the gums […]

Support after Suicide – Key to Suicide Prevention

Suicide has a devastating impact on families, friends, communities and work colleagues. Those bereaved by a suicide are at increased risk of mental health and emotional problems so receiving the right support is essential. The impact of suicide Sadly, in 2016 alone, 4575 people died by suicide.   Depending on the situation of the individual, estimates […]

5 Herbs for a Healthy Energy Boost

  Across the globe, more than a billion cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis.  Some people drink coffee for an energy boost to make it through the day, while others drink it simply because it tastes good.  While coffee can be an effective substance for providing energy, too much caffeine can lead to […]