Introducing Public Health England’s new Evidence Synthesis series

Public Health England (PHE) is piloting a new series of evidence syntheses publications. In this blog we explain what these are, who they are for, a little about the process and how the series will complement other existing work. What is evidence synthesis? Evidence can mean different things to different people. Data, guidance and expert […]

Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 14 September 2018

Dear everyone This week over 1600 public health colleagues gathered at Warwick University for the PHE annual conference. This was our best and biggest conference and I thank all those who attended for your bold discussions, brilliant presentations and for the many opportunities to learn from each other. My thanks also to those who organised […]

Other Things We ❤: Bona-federal Clear Communication

Alt: A heart eyed doodle clutches a screen. The screen displays a web page with the text, “The thing you’re here to do” and a button that says, “Do that thing!” The doodle gushes, “It’s…it’s so beautiful…” (First, apologies for that title. We couldn’t help ourselves.) Here’s a true thing, dear readers: government websites often […]

What’s a healthy breakfast? – Harvard Health Blog

If you asked someone to list some typical regular weekday morning breakfast foods, they’d probably rattle off things like cereal, toast, bagels, muffins, pancakes, waffles, and maybe eggs and bacon. But here’s the deal. Breakfast is how we break our overnight fast, and for many people, breaking fast doesn’t have to happen first thing in […]