Why have increases in life expectancy slowed down in England?

Until recently the trend in mortality over the last 100 years in England had been relatively clear: since World War 1 every decade has seen people living longer than before. But since 2011 improvement in mortality rates and life expectancy in England has slowed down considerably for both men and women. For some age groups, […]

Calm for the holidays – Harvard Health Blog

Are you heading home for the holidays, hosting relatives, or throwing parties? A strong dose of calm can help you enjoy yourself more and stress less. Here are a few ways to take holiday stress down a notch and invoke your calmest self. Find your calm Breathe deep: When your emotions run high, breathing speeds up, […]

Do not let the media brainwash you

When we are talking about the media, it comes down to this question: do they create the consciousness of the people or is the consciousness of the people merely being reflected by the media? The fact is that practically everyone watches TV and reads the newspapers; therefore, the media is in a position to influence. […]

Filling up your fuel tank differently

Our body normally uses glucose from carbohydrates as our main source of energy. Ketosis is a popular word used in the diet and diabetes worlds. Our body goes into a state of ketosis to keep itself working when carbohydrates are lacking. Our body makes ketones when carbs are scarce in order to now use fat […]