Inequalities in stage IV cancer treatments

Previously, there has been limited research into the trends and patterns in treatment for patients when they are diagnosed with stage IV cancer, compared to those for early stage cancer. A cancer is in stage IV when it has spread far away from the origin into other organs of the body, meaning it is generally more difficult to […]

5 Times That Gina Haspel Refused To Answer A Yes Or No Question

Her supporters and critics agree that there are few people as experienced as Gina Haspel when it comes to running the CIA — and that could be her undoing. President Donald Trump’s controversial nominee, a 33-year veteran of the agency, has been clear that she believes the work she and her colleagues did after 9/11 […]

Parody Twitter Accounts Are Spreading A Ton Of Fake News In India

In February, a tweet from an account resembling that of Times Now, a leading Indian TV news channel, sparked instant outrage on Twitter. It claimed a Muslim cleric had issued a fatwa against an Indian actor for disturbing Muslim prayers because “instead of Allah, her face would appear” while praying. It quickly racked up more […]

Thirdhand smoke is widespread and may be dangerous, mounting evidence shows

First came doctors’ warnings about cigarettes. Then came discoveries about the danger of secondhand smoke. Now, a growing number of scientists are raising the alarm about thirdhand smoke — residual chemicals left on indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. Mounting research has shown such potentially hazardous residue can be absorbed through the skin, ingested and inhaled months and even years […]