Strawberry Basil Shortcakes Recipe – Love and Lemons

I love strawberry shortcake so much. As I’ve gotten older, a funny thing has happened where I’ve become less obsessed with chocolate desserts and more in love with fruity desserts – especially if those fruits happen to be strawberries. I can enjoy chocolate cake in moderation, but when it comes to strawberries, I want them […]

School lunches are a disaster

When I was a kid, if I were told that I’d be writing a book about diet and nutrition when I was older, let alone having been doing a health related radio show for over 36 years, I would’ve thought that whoever told me that was out of their mind. Living in Newark, New Jersey, […]

Whole-Wheat Deep Dish Pizza » 100 Days of Real Food

It’s amazing how a few simple changes (as explained below) can completely reinvent a family-favorite recipe! I don’t think we’re alone in loving homemade pizza, but as with anything it can get a little same ol’ same ol’ after a while. So, I have to thank my daughter for suggesting we have Chicago-style deep dish […]

Foolproof Oven Fried Chicken Tenders

All you need is 5 ingredients and 30 minutes to make the easiest and crispiest oven fried chicken you’ll ever eat! Crunchy outside and tender within, this healthier fried chicken is a winner! Do you love fried chicken as much as my family does, but you’re looking for a healthier alternative? You have come […]

Digital Resistance: Telegram to Use Bitcoin to Bypass Russia’s Ban

Telegram founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, has announced that he recently started issuing bitcoin grants to individuals and companies that ran socks5 proxies and VPNs, and that he plans to donate millions of dollars this year alone in order to fund such technologies which circumvent government bans on his Telegram messaging service. Following a ban […]

Why Does A Dog Start To Pee In Its Owner’s Bed?

If your housebroken pup suddenly starts to pee in your bed, you are sure to get very annoyed with it. But at the same time you’ll be dawned with a curiosity to finding out the reasons behind such behavior. You surely don’t want your canine to attach itself permanently to this irritating habit. No owner […]

Coinbase Buys, Names Balaji Srinivasan It’s First CTO

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said on Monday that it has acquired, makers of a paid email product that lets people earn bitcoin for replying to emails or completing surveys. formerly operated as a bitcoin mining company under the name Last year it rebranded itself as a social network and is now regarded as […]


ANTI AGEING COLLAGEN LATTE This latte is my anti ageing tonic that is rich in collagen protein and antioxidants. It’s an essential part of my daily morning ritual, I can’t perform or function properly without it! WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT IT Healthy Chef Marine Collagen is a rich source of collagen protein sourced from wild-caught snapper. […]

The Thyroid and Gut Connection

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” It seems that there are many situations in life that can be represented by this. One of which is the connection between gut health and thyroid health. A healthy gut supports a healthy thyroid, and vice versa. The reverse is also […]