FDA warns consumers against ‘young blood’ plasma infusions for dementia, PTSD and other conditions

Food and Drug Administration officials on Tuesday warned consumers to avoid “young blood” plasma treatments. (Andrew Harnik/AP) Federal health regulators on Tuesday warned consumers against controversial “young blood” treatments — plasma infusions from young donors marketed for conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and post-traumatic stress disorder. “There is no proven clinical benefit of […]

Should you try kettlebells? – Harvard Health Blog

Kettlebells. There they were in the fitness aisle of my local big box store: cute little candy-colored cannonballs with handles on them. I was drawn to them immediately—adorable pink weights that conjured images of me as an exercise goddess in a sunny meadow, smiling and doing arm workouts with ease (in slow motion of course). […]

Got pain? Get better sleep – Harvard Health Blog

The cell phone blares out reveille. Your eyes open reluctantly and you realize it’s morning, having only gone to bed four hours earlier because of a late-night party. You creak out of bed to ready yourself for work, arthritic joints hurting much more than usual. A painful day lies ahead even after taking ibuprofen. Does […]

8 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to a Pet Expo

February 17, 2019 By Paris Permenter & John Bigley 1 Comment Spring is just around the corner here, and we’ve been looking at pet expos and vendor fairs for booths for our PawZaar gift store. We’ve already signed up for POPCats Austin in May but we’re looking for dog events for the coming months, hopefully […]

What’s in your supplements? – Harvard Health Blog

If you’re taking an over-the-counter supplement that wasn’t recommended by your doctor, you’re not alone — about half of the US adult population takes one or more supplements regularly. We spend more than $35 billion on these products each year. While it’s important that your doctor knows what you’re taking, there are many supplements out […]

Duncan Selbie’s Friday message – 15 February 2019

Dear everyone Each week I am in different parts of England to hear first-hand how Councils and their NHS partners are going about their duty to improve the public’s health. This week I met the excellent leadership team for Enfield in North London, who have created a 5km super cycle highway to encourage people to […]