Hector Hernandez’s ‘beer belly’ was a 77-pound cancerous tumor

Hector Hernandez before surgery, left, and after surgery, during which doctors removed a 77-pound tumor from his abdomen. (Family photos via Keck Medicine of USC) Lindsey Bever General assignment reporter covering national and breaking news November 27 at 4:04 PM Warning: This story contains a graphic image of a 77-pound tumor. It seemed that each […]

Pros and Cons of the Medical Profession

Before getting into this there is a definite given that must be understood. When an idealistic and caring individual embarks upon his/her medical training and enters medical school he/she is totally unaware of the fact that the curriculum they will study has been funded by Big Pharma. So, from the get-go they will be continually […]

When traffic backs up at the wrist

Chronic, lingering wrist pain that causes discomfort for daily living activities may be attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). When pain, tingling, and/or numbness is felt in some of the fingers, there can be nerve compression. This uncomfortable feeling can be attributed to the median nerve. This nerve runs down the arm, through the wrist, […]

Modern Liberal Looney Bin

Modern Liberal Looney BinThe tragically bewildered ‘modern liberal’ of today is truly a sight for sore eyes. Having long since abandoned the teachings of classical liberals such as Thomas Jefferson or John Locke, today’s liberals have nothing in common whatsoever with those who many erroneously believe to be their philosophical forebears. In truth, modern liberal […]