FDA approves HPV vaccine for people up to 45

A certified medical assistant holds needles full of the HPV vaccination drug Gardasil before administering them to children at a community health center in Texas. (Matthew Busch for The Washington Post) The Food and Drug Administration expanded its approval of the HPV vaccine to include men and women between 27 and 45, an effort to […]

Dog-Friendly Halloween Events 2018

Halloween 2018 is just around the corner, and to celebrate we’ve fetched news of a few of the most frightfully fun Fido-centric festivities taking place across the country that you and your dog can enjoy together! Do you know of a Halloween event for real party animals that’s not on the list? Let us know […]

LaCroix could face a lawsuit over its natural flavors

Though it is the year 2018, there are many things we still do not know. Why are all the bees dying, for example? What are the political beliefs of Taylor Swift? Also: what, exactly, are the ingredients in LaCroix? This is the question raised in a new class-action lawsuit against National Beverage, LaCroix’s parent company, […]

As Silicon Valley Turns Food Waste Into Profits, Small Farms Suffer

This story was originally published on Civil Eats. In August, two respected Bay Area-based food justice organizations, Phat Beets and Food First, co-authored a blog post that came out swinging. The subject was Imperfect Produce, a San Francisco startup selling boxes of “ugly” — i.e., off-sized, misshapen, and slightly damaged — fruits and vegetables to […]

Homemade Formula for Premature Babies. Yes or No?

While the best baby formula is ideally none at all when breastfeeding and/or quality donor milk are an option, sometimes life after baby doesn’t proceed as planned. In those cases, the optimum Plan B is homemade formula to avoid toxic commercial concoctions that seem regularly subject to product recalls.  Organic brands are no exception. Testing […]

How to Make Restaurant-Quality Pizza at Home

Unless you’re living the dream and have a wood-fired oven in your backyard, pizza made at home rarely seems to taste as good as the pizza from that local artisan pizza shop. Perfectly topped, perfectly crispy, perfectly divided pizza with perfectly melted cheese can feel out of reach for even the most adept gourmand hobbyist. […]

Healthy, wholesome easy lunches – Harvard Health Blog

Just the idea of packing a lunch elicits a stress response in so many of us. Maybe we’re packing lunch for our kids, maybe it’s for us, but the pressure is on to create a simple yet satisfying, healthy yet hearty, easily transportable meal. This seemingly impossible task is daunting to many people. So much […]