2019 D.C. Michelin Guide Gives the Inn at Little Washington Three Stars

Washington D.C. finally has a three-Michelin starred restaurant. Since 2017, the nation’s capital has been the only U.S. city without a destination offering what the guides consider to be three-star worthy: “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” But in the 2019 edition launched today, chef Patrick O’Connell’s the Inn at Little Washington breaks that streak, […]

How to Make Thai Rolled Ice Cream

I’m quickly learning that all those food internet sensations aren’t so hard to recreate after all; so I’m tackling another on this episode: Thai rolled ice cream. Allow me to explain for the uninitiated: an ice cream base is poured over a cold plate, allowed to set, and using what look like putty knives, rolled […]

Kitchenware Company Cookut Makes Home Cooking Easier

The videos of gooey, delicious melted raclette being scraped from a wheel over potatoes, meat, bread, and even french fries almost always feature a restaurant in the background, like David Chang’s Majordomo. But raclette doesn’t have to be the exclusive purview of professionals. It’s just one of the foods that Cookut, a French kitchenware company […]

The Business of Making Alcoholic Ice Cream With Clementine 

The maple bourbon ice cream from Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery in St. Louis has all the flavor of bourbon without any of the boozy bitterness of an actual glass of bourbon. Yet, the alcohol is there. Clementine’s owner Tamara Keefe won’t say how she does it, but somehow, she makes ice cream that’s up […]

Australian Brewery Black Hops Brewing Pulls ‘Pussy Juice’ Beer

An Australian brewery drew internet ire last night after releasing a beer with the graphic name “Pussy Juice” — apparently in honor of one of its female employees. Black Hops Brewing on the Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane, announced the beer on social media with a cutesy pastel-colored image of a bartender drawing on […]

Other Things We ❤: Bona-federal Clear Communication

Alt: A heart eyed doodle clutches a screen. The screen displays a web page with the text, “The thing you’re here to do” and a button that says, “Do that thing!” The doodle gushes, “It’s…it’s so beautiful…” (First, apologies for that title. We couldn’t help ourselves.) Here’s a true thing, dear readers: government websites often […]