10 Tips for Taking Your Dog Swimming in a Lake or River

We love taking our dogs swimming during the hot summer months! Irie and Tiki always enjoyed trips to Texas lakes and rivers–and now Barli has quickly learned that nothing’s better on a hot day than a dip in the lake. Barli and Tiki love swimming in Lake Travis, and Barli recently enjoyed his first visit […]

Watch: How Montreal’s Chez Tousignant Is Updating Snack Bar Favorites

“The casse-croûte as we know it is embedded in [Montreal’s] culture,” says Michele Forgione, owner of Montreal’s Chez Tousignant — a classic casse-croûte, or snack bar, in the city’s Little Italy. “Every little town or little village has their casse-croûte; [they have] sandwiches, hot dogs, and poutine.” At Forgione’s version we’re finding all of those […]

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches (vegan!) Recipe

I’ve gotten SO many requests for a BBQ Jackfruit recipe. It took me a little time to get this one just right, but here we are! These are meaty, juicy, smoky, a little spicy… and a total mess to eat, but isn’t that what saucy sandwiches are all about? If you haven’t been asking for a […]

Watch the Trailer For ‘Slice,’ Chance the Rapper’s Movie Debut

The trailer for Chance the Rapper’s film debut has landed, and the hip hop star’s pizza-centric horror-thriller-slasher Slice seems rather, uh, all-dressed. Bearing the tagline “Dead. In 30 minutes or less,” Slice traces the aftermath of a murdered pizza delivery driver, leading to a bloody romp loaded with a portal to hell, stabbings, car-crushings, and […]

Google Created Ads for a Fake Pizzeria to Learn About Its Users

An avocado crime wave sweeps through New Zealand, plus more food and restaurant news Google recently created a bunch of YouTube ads for a fake pizzeria called Doctor Fork to test out various advertising strategies. Thirty-three of these fake spots were served to YouTube viewers, racking up over 20 million impressions. From this sneaky experiment, […]

Home cooking: Healthy family meals – Harvard Health Blog

Family meals are beneficial for so many reasons. People who prepare meals at home tend to consume significantly more fruits and vegetables, and less sugar and fat. People who enjoy meals at home with others, sitting together and conversing, also have reduced stress and higher life satisfaction. The more frequently families with children have meals […]