Voodoo Doughnut is Being Targeted by Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists

Wildly popular Portland, Oregon, pastry shop Voodoo Doughnut is being targeted by right wing conspiracy theorists who are convinced that the shop is somehow connected to a child sex trafficking ring. This preposterous conceit stems from a fellow named Michael Whelan — AKA Vegan Mikey — who appeared on the YouTube channel Lift the Veil […]

Bill Murray Threw Water on a Photographer at a Restaurant

Bar-hopping grandpa Bill Murray is once again in the spotlight for losing his cool with a photographer. The Caddyshack actor and restaurateur was allegedly involved in a confrontation this week with a photographer at a Martha’s Vineyard restaurant called Lola’s. The photographer Peter Simon (who also happens to be singer Carly Simon’s brother) claims Murray […]

Flossing Teeth. What Holistic Dentists Recommend to their Patients

by Sarah Updated: August 10, 2018 Affiliate linksOral Health Many people today are confused about whether flossing teeth is actually necessary for good oral health. Like with many dental practices, what conventional dentists recommend differs – sometimes dramatically – from what holistic dentists endorse to their patients. Flossing is no exception.  History of Dental Floss […]

BoJack Horseman Asks Food to Do Too Much

A horse walks into a bar. The barman is a pelican. He takes the whiskey under his wing, then starts pouring it, asking the horse to say “when.” The glass overflows, and whiskey floods the bar, running onto the floor in an amber torrent. The horse finally says “when.” There is no punchline. The horse […]

Kale and Quinoa Salad – Chef in Training

This Kale and Quinoa Salad is a powerhouse salad, filled with nutrition and delicious ingredients. It contains a fruit, quinoa, parmesan cheese, pistachios and fibrous kale. The dressing is a creamy balsamic dressing the pairs beautifully with the flavors and ingredients of this salad.   KALE AND QUINOA SALAD My favorite place to eat in […]

Chipotle Hopes Bacon-Topped Burrito Bowls Will Bring Customers Back

Plus, the trailer for Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has arrived, and more food news to end the week It seems Chipotle has learned something from Steve Buscemi’s celery agent in Portlandia. The burrito chain is dealing with the fallout from yet another foodborne-illness outbreak, so to get back in everyone’s good graces, […]

Chili Lime Texas Caviar (Cowboy Caviar)

Chili Lime Texas Caviar (also known as Cowboy Caviar) is the BEST salad, side dish or dip for any occasion! Vegan AND gluten free! A great light and healthy snack, this Cowboy Caviar (also known as Texas Caviar) is a combination of a dip meets side salad meets a bean salsa all in one. You can […]