Watch: Marcus Samuelsson on ‘No Passport Required,’ Episode 5

This week on No Passport Required, chef Marcus Samuelsson visits Miami, where he spends time with the city’s Haitian community. Samuelsson eats pate kode, fried pork called griot served with pickliz, black mushroom rice, and tropical ice cream in flavors like soursop and passion fruit. He talks with chefs, journalists, business owners, artists, home cooks, […]

RSVP for the #CevaBacktoSchool Twitter Party!

Ceva Animal Health has sponsored this post and the upcoming party, but all opinions are my own. We all remember the stress of back to school time…and if we share our home with two-legged children, that stress is a real factor in everyday life from now through September as we settle into a new schedule. […]

Watch: Montreal Is a Bagel Town to Rival NYC

For the inaugural episode of Dining on a Dime: Montreal, I’m heading to one of Montreal’s most beloved institutions, which also lends itself to a giant point of contention between Montrealers and New Yorkers. Both cities are extraordinarily proud of their bagels, and while there’s enough debate around New York to last centuries, Montreal is […]

What is Triticale and Should You Be Eating It?

Wheat. One of the world’s oldest and its most grown and consumed staple until recently. Not only does wheat come in many shapes and sizes, including older relatives like spelt, einkorn, and kamut, it also comes in many modern cultivars and crosses – hard red, soft white, and a curious grain called triticale.  What is […]

More Than 700 Sick Due to Chipotle Foodborne Illness Outbreak in Ohio

Plus, Jason Alexander is the new celebrity Colonel Sanders, and more food news Chipotle’s latest food-safety nightmare is getting worse. More than 700 people are blaming the burrito chain for their illnesses, reports the Dayton Daily News. Tests for salmonella, shigella, E. coli, and norovirus have come back negative, and the reason why diners have […]

What’s new in the August PHOF update?

This is the latest in a series of blogs summarising what we learn each time we update the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF). The PHOF sets out a vision for public health, desired outcomes and the indicators that will help us understand how well public health is being improved and protected. The outcomes reflect a […]