Watch: Marcus Samuelsson on ‘No Passport Required,’ Episode 4

Chef Marcus Samuelsson heads to Queens, NY, on the fourth episode of No Passport Required. Inside New York’s largest and most diverse borough, Samuelsson spends time talking with cooks, restaurateurs, and others from the Indo-Guyanese community, learning how they identify with all of the different parts of their culture and uphold it through dance, sports, […]

The Best Old-School and Classic Restaurants in America

Every city has its classic restaurants, those which have stood the test of time over the years. These destinations tend to have a loyal customer fan-base, the flexibility to withstand changing times, and naturally, food worth coming back for. These maps of classic restaurants across Eater Cities feature places ranging from upscale steakhouses to no-nonsense […]

Win Campfire Treats Hearty Bites Dog Treats!

Recently we reviewed Hearty Bites, an all-natural, single ingredient treat from Campfire Treats. Handcrafted in Campfire Treats’ Northern California kitchen, Hearty Bites are made from beef hearts from 100% US-sourced beef. (All Campfire Treats products are created with all-natural, human-grade quality ingredients from U.S. farms and fisheries.) Made in small batches, these treats have no […]

Can cell phone use cause ADHD? – Harvard Health Blog

Anyone who has spent any time around teens, and seen the way they often seem surgically attached to their phones, has likely wondered: is all that time on the phone affecting their brains? A study in JAMA suggests that maybe it is. Researchers from California studied the digital media use of more than 2,500 high […]